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Recent News

Local 194 is proud to announce HISTORIC HEALTHCARE RELIEF. Enclosed is the CHAPTER 78 SUNSET MOA, which establishes LOWER healthcare contributions for the SAME QUALITY HEALTHCARE!!! We worked long and hard to make sure that our brothers and sisters receieve UNPRECEDENTED RELIEF during difficult times. 

Our unions would like to thank the NJTA, Transportation Commissioner Gutierrez-Scaccetti and Governor Murphy for sitting down with the unions to bargain in good faith. 

Elections have consequences.

Your Rights During an Investigatory Interview with Management

If called to a meeting with management, read the following statement to management BEFORE the meeting starts!

“If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer, or steward be present at this meeting. Without representation present, then I choose not to participate in this discussion.”

Veterans and working people are facing the same issues—a lack of good jobs, access to quality health care, and the need for racial and economic justice.

Take Action

More and more of America’s workers want to join a union. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. When working people come together in a union, we can negotiate for higher wages, better benefits and working conditions, and we also have a real say in critical workplace issues like time off to care for a loved one, the deployment of technology and protection from all kinds of discrimination.



Frank was a vice president of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO for 35 years.

As a labor organizer for the American Federation of Technical Engineers which later became known as the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers (IFPTE), Frank was instrumental in organizing workers on New Jersey’s toll roads, including the Turnpike and Parkway. He was a leading voice of support for laws giving public employees the right to bargain, and was responsible for Local 194 being the first in the nation to see Martin Luther King Day become a contractually recognized holiday.

Frank was an organizer for the American Federation of Technical Engineers, which later became the International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers. He was instrumental in organizing workers on all three of New Jersey's toll roads, as well as New Jersey state highway workers. He spent most of his career representing New Jersey Turnpike workers. Most recently, he served as assistant to the president of Local 194 and as secretary-treasurer and business manager of Local 194A, representing workers at the Burlington Bristol Bridge Commission. He was a vice president of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO for 35 years.

Among his numerous labor accomplishments, he helped separate the Public Employees Retirement System from Social Security, making it possible for workers to receive both. He also pushed to allow unions to collect dues and political action funds through a voluntary dues check-off, and helped public workers receive premium pay for overtime work.

He was one of the first commissioners on the Public Employee Relations Commission. He was a former Democratic State Committee and Middlesex County Committee member. He is a veteran of the Korean War and a member of the American Legion. He was a former member of the A. Philip Randolph Institute and the NAACP.