It’s Better In A Union!

Sisters and Brothers,

Life really is better in a union! That's not just a slogan; it's a fact.

Workers in labor unions earn 18% more in wages, have access to better health care benefits and enjoy safer workplaces. Even in times of economic uncertainty, union members have greater job security. 

Just take a look:

  • Our future—and the future of our families—is brighter in a union. Union membership means securing a better future for ourselves and future generations through access to good, sustainable earning wages that help us afford a home and build a secure retirement. 

  • Fighting those in power is better in a union—together, we're standing up against corporate greed and historic inequity while dismantling the decades of anti-union propaganda to create a fairer society. We have the power to effect real change.

  • Our democracy is better—and stronger—in a union. Labor Day also marks just 14 months from one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime. Unions represent the best united front we have to protect and strengthen the progress we’ve made on critical issues—uniting workers all over the country around commonsense matters like higher wages, good health care, workplace protections and more.

This Labor Day, we invite you to be part of a movement that empowers workers, creates better futures, and fights for better jobs and a fairer society for all. To make sure you’re keeping up to date with all of our actions, sign up here and claim your exclusive “It’s Better in a Union” sticker.